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Jasmine and Clementine Body Polish

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Gentle exfoliation is the key to glowing, healthy skin. Our blend of natural sugar, moisturizing oils, and vitamin E will protect and heal your skin. It's 100% natural and a delicious way to nourish and pamper your body.  The result is improved tone and texture with a velvety smooth finish! 

Key ingredients and why you'll love it!
- Natural sea salts for exfoliation 
- Formulated with luxurious blend of organic Coconut Oil for radiant soft skin
- All natural essential oils of Jasmine, Clementine, Rose and Citrus

How to use
1. Take a scoop  and massage onto your skin using gentle circular motions. Focus on dry, rough patches and use several times per week; rinse well. Rinse off, then pat dry.
2. Seal in your moisture with any of our decadent body butters or balms
3. Enjoy healthy looking, radiant skin.
Why choose us?

Our products are hand picked and selected for Performance and Aesthetics. We not only want you to look good but feel good as well. All our products are priced competitively. 

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