About Us

Hand crafted

Spa Noir Beauty Cocktails is proudly in little Miramar Florida. All of our sumptuous cocktails are hand crafted recipes by our founder Terri, when opened a small nail salon back in 2006. Our recipes are based on the same requirements from back then- nothing goes in the jar that requires a preservative and absolutely no chemicals of any kind. We are not sold in stores, use eco-friendly shipping, have a sweet little recycling program and donate soap to the homeless. Terri wouldn't want it any other way:)

We know what women want
Spa Noir Beauty Cocktails was founded by women in the spa business!  Our team of skilled nail technicians, estheticians, massage therapists and spa owners have years of experience-we know exactly how women want to pampered!  Our products do more than just feel and smell good, they actually repair and nourish skin!

Our Natural Ingredients

Our natural ingredients sweet creams, scrubs, soaks and butters will make you look and feel like the darling you are!  Our products are hand selected and lavishly formulated with vitamins, essential oils, rich shea butter, coconut oils, mango butters and botanical extracts. The result is  beautiful radiance  without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial colors.  We rely on nature to nourish your skin without the use of parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, mineral or petroleum oils or toxic chemicals to harm your precious skin. Our fragrances capture the essence of being a woman.  Most of our luscious products are conveniently sized to carry in your purse for women on the go.

Our commitment to the environment 

Our products are cruelty-free and biodegradable. We also use recyclable glass packaging and eco-friendly printing to help protect the environment.  Enjoy our spa cocktail treatments with confidence that we help to promote a happy lifestyle and a sense of well being.  Our spa cocktails are packaged in small glass containers, please handle them with care and recycle as often as you can!

Host a Spatini Party

We'll help you to organize your very own swanky spa party- it's all the rage!  Our luxurious products are perfect for a Girls Nite In and we have some great tips for creating an unforgettable time for you to relax and unwind with your friends!  You'll love our recipes, healthy skin tips,  and ideas for creating the perfect ambiance for a Spatini Party.   

Phone: (954) 417-6474   Email: info@spanoirbeauty.com

Our concept is simple- provide a natural and pampering way for women to feel totally gorgeous within the comfort of their home at a fraction of the cost at a day spa! Our luscious little spa cocktails were created for natural, nourished body care! Our products are rich in botanical ingredients which are paraben free to pamper and care for the skin naturally. We want to transform your personal care into a natural and decadent experience... at an affordable price. Enjoy the natural ingredients our products offer and relax in the splendor of self-pampering. Take a few minutes to explore our website where you'll find tips for gorgeous looking skin, ideas to throw a cocktail spa party, information about our hostess program, free party supplies and our $10 Mini Cocktails!

Our Commitment to Gorgeous
We want you to look and feel completely beautiful! We will always be true to what is both good and right for your skin. Our products are prepared safely using the best that nature has to offer! We love our fabulous little beauty cocktails and we know you will too! We take a great deal of pride creating products that we know you'll love and pack them full of natural wholesome ingredients to make you look and feel gorgeous!

Listed below is a listed of ingredients we simply do not use in our products:

Propylene Glycols- this is considered a toxic chemical, antifreeze for airplanes- yuck!
SLS (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates)- irritating and highly toxic surfactants to skin and horrible for soil- why put it on your precious skin!
Diethanolamine (DEA) & triethanolamine (TEA)-highly toxic and cacinogenic, why take chances!
Parabens- a cancerous preservatives with a possible link to breast cancer!
Phthalates- highly toxic and skin irritating
Formaldehyde- carcinogen, very dangerous!
Petroleum Distillates- clogs pores, non-biodegradable
Artificial Colors and Dyes-a possible irritant- your skin doesn't need that!

Our Pinky Promise 
We will never formulate a product using an ingredient that has any potential suspected human health risks. We hold ourselves accountable to educate consumers before you make a purchase regarding the ingredients and how to use our products for self pampering at home. We also pledge to never test our ingredients or products on animals.

Minimal Packaging                                                                                               We use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging with our shipping and glass containers to have the lowest impact on the environment possible. We ask that you recycle or reuse our cute little jars, shipping boxes and shipping material as often as you can. If you live in the South Florida area, inquire about our local recycling program, contact us at (954) 417-6474 or email us at info@spanoirbeauty.com

Orders                                                                                                                   We make every effort to process your order as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your order. Extra time may be needed when we are creating new batches of our hand-blended, hand poured products are being produced. You will receive an automated email when your order submitted.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard,American Express and Discover. There are no surcharges for using your credit card to make purchases. Sorry but we do not accept checks of any kind at this time.

Carefully consider and review your order before submitting. Changes and cancellations cannot be processed and are not acceptable.