Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become an independent consultant?
Our consultants are affectionately referred to a Starlets- a woman ready for her debut and to leave sparkles wherever she goes! Just complete our RushWeek™ form for our selection process and we’ll contact you right away. You’re one step closer to starting your own SN Beauty Cocktails business!

Do I need to sign up with a consultant?
Begin to work with an existing team or start one of your own! When you sign up we’ll match you with the closest Starlet in your area to begin your coaching. You’ll be part of a team to offer you best practices to support your goals and reach your dreams.

What is working with a team like?
Building a team means creating lifelong friendships and a sense of purpose by helping others as well as yourself.

How do I sell the products?
Our starlets bring people together to learn and get pampered with our signature in-home Day Spas while earning a commission. You can sell on your own terms, as an affiliate for FREE  or a Starlet for as little as $25. You can choose to share our story with catalog sales, virtual parties or with an in-person Day Spa. Our Freestyle Selling ™ allows you to fit your business around your family time, vacations or even another job. You pick your own hours and how you want to sell.

What is an in-home Day Spa?
A Day Spa is a mini spa retreat and co-hosted with a Starlet in someone’s home. You share the SN Cocktail story while pampering the guests with 6 complimentary mini services, our $99 Starlet Kit™ contains everything you need to get the party started. The hostess typically provides a light spa menu and the guest list, while you provide the experience and relaxation. Our Day Spas usually lasts about 90 minutes and it’s perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers and more! We have all the marketing content to compliment any party theme to make your event memorable.

What’s a Virtual Party?
If you love social media, virtual party would be just perfect for you. Sometime it’s difficult for the hostess to gather her friends to meet in person so you can share the story and sell right from your Facebook page. During a virtual party, you showcase products, offer giveaways, share skincare tips and earn 20% or more!

Are there any other ways I can sell?
With our Freestyle Selling™ you can share and sell any way you want. Here are some options that can any schedule or personal preference:
Individual orders, catalog sales, fundraisers, virtual parties and Day Spas.

What is your Happy Body, Happy Home Guarantee™
All Spa Noir Beauty Cocktails are backed by our free 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. We also have a dedicated email and phone number to reach our Customer Experience Center to assist with questions about our products, help with returns and guarantees.

What is included with a Consultant Kit?
We offer four ways to join, all under $100 to help you get started! Once you sign your consultant agreement, decide how you want to sell and choose the kit that fits your lifestyle, time and goals. Here's what you can choose from:
• You can join as a Virtual Consultant for as little as $10. It’s perfect for Starlets who want to sell exclusively online with no inventory earning 20% commission.
• The Starter Kit is $25 and includes more than $99 in products and business tools.
• The Ready Set Sell Kit™ is $50 and includes more than $200 in products and business tools.
• The Starlet Kit™ is $99 and our most popular and it gives you the most variety of products to host an in-home Day Spa. It includes more than $400 in products and business tools. If you live in South Florida near our home office, you can also spark your creativity in our luxurious co-working She Space™ to design your strategic plan and work on your dreams.**
Compare kits here. For a limited time, you can start your business for free* when you host a Day Spa yourself and use part of your hostess rewards toward your kit (depending on your guest sales).
*Hosts can apply the $25 or $50 kit credit to the Starter, Ready Set Sell Kit™ or Starlet Kit™ Taxes apply. For a limited time only.
**Restrictions apply, based on title, availability and sales volume.

Do I need to be a licensed or have any previous experience?
New consultants get product information cards in their kits so no previous skills are required- we’ll help to develop your pitch. Over time you’ll perfect your own voice and you share our mission to keep chemicals off skin.

What kind of training do you offer?
Immediately after you join, you’re part of the SN Beauty Cocktails family. We offer you training to fit your schedule and lifestyle. You’ll be a part of a nurturing, supportive community both online and in person. We also offer webinar replays available 24/7 so you can access from your laptop or smartphone. SN University walks you through every aspect of booking Day Spas, hostess coaching, one-on-one mentoring, submitting orders, customer care, and even how to grow and support a team—everything you need to start and run your business. If you live in the South Florida area, enjoy working our luxurious women only, She Space™ where you can collaborate with other Starlets, build an Entourage, run a team meeting, enjoy complimentary Cappuccino or herbal tea, unlimited free printing, Wi-Fi, a gorgeous beauty lounge and more!**
**Based on your title and sales volume.

Can I start making money immediately?
With our FreeStyle Selling™ model you can choose your own income whether you want extra cash or a full-time income. When you purchase a $99 kit you can start earning with your very first party. Many Starlets make at least $300 within their first three parties and earn $100 in free products. You’re paid by direct deposit twice a month, and you determine how much you want to earn based on your sales and Day Spas. You submit the orders, we ship the products, and you collect a commission. Curious to see what you can make?

Can I get free and discounted products?
Starlets can purchase our products and enjoy a 20%–50% discount based on your promotion title. You can also earn extra rewards like free products, samples and business building supplies to grow your sales and team.

What are Hostess credits and Guest rewards?
Your hostess (referred to as a Darling) earns rewards based on the sales at her party. She will enjoy discounted products, free shipping, free products and half-priced items based on total sales including outside orders. Guests (referred to as Groupies) can earn free products by placing a minimum order of $80 each person. Take a look at our Darling Hostess Program.

How many hours should I work?
Our FreeStyle Selling™ gives you the freedom to work little or as much as you like if you want to stay active in our Entourage . Create a practical goal, then work the number of hours you need around it. From fun money to mortgage payments, you can ramp it up or scale back, the choice is yours!

Is there a minimum that I will need to sell?
To fully enjoy the experience and perks of being a Starlet, you would need to submit at least $150 in personal sales consistently every other month. That’s about $75 or more each month to remain active in our Entourage.

What is your commission structure?
Spa Noir Beauty Cocktails is a direct sales party company. Simply stated with any sales opportunity- the more your business grows, the more commission you make. Starlets start at 20% and can earn up to 27% commission. Our simple to understand commission plan.

If you decide to build a team (referred to as an Entourage which is a strategic team of 4, including yourself), you can earn up to an additional 3% commission on your team’s sales. You’ll also enjoy really nice bonuses like free SN Beauty Cocktails products each season, points toward fabulous vacations, business building merchandise and additional training retreats. See how to grow your team.

Do I need to carry any inventory or make any deliveries?
No, you can start for as little as $10 to be a Virtual Sales Consultant and focus exclusively selling online with nothing to buy or keep in stock. Many Starlets started off with one purchase then started selling online with products they enjoyed and loved. For other Starlets who enjoy meeting new people or creating a Day Spa experience, a kit is available for $25, $50 or $99. Besides the kit that you select, there’s no upfront or additional monthly inventory that you need. We ship our products directly to your customer.

What are Career Sales?
You get an automatic 2% commission rate raise once you sell $15,000. This is referred to as your Career Sales and can increase up to 31% when you build a small team.

Promotions and Specials
We offer ongoing Hostess only specials, Guest perks and Starlet promotions all compliments of Spa Noir Beauty Cocktails.

The She Space™
Step into an open space and feel inspired instantly. With tons of natural light, feel motivated and ready to crush your goals. From large team tables for collaboration and brainstorming to small bistro tables in cozy corners. The She Spa™ has the perfect spot for your every work mood! Enjoy a cappuccino or latte in our elegant café for your afternoon pick me up to keep hustling and accomplishing your dreams. Freshen up in the Beauty Lounge, enjoy free Wi-Fi and printing plus more! It's the perfect co-working space for women like you!
Based on your title and sales volume.