Join our entourage today. Love. Join. Host. - spa-noir

Join our entourage today. Love. Join. Host.

If you love it, you can sell it
We're recruiting nationwide. If you love people, think about joining our Starlet team for only $25.

Free Style Selling™
Originally we only sold our little cocktails at farmers markets, small gatherings, special requests and through online orders. We kept hearing "That's so easy to sell, I can do it!" We opened our doors to the new world of direct sales so that women could earn some extra cash and make new friends. Our company is built off a party plan model with 6 ways to sell: in-home Day Spas, online Spatini parties, basket parties, open houses, online parties or even your own personal website! Create your own hours with no inventory to stock. Plus we give plenty of perks and it's fun too.

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