How to set up a SN vendor table in a small space.

  • Some of you were interested to know how I set up a booth in a small space. Each month I get the opportunity to set up my booth at the Melting Pot (in Cooper City, FL, heeeeeey Baris) and raffle off a free bar of vegetable soap (retail $8), a room spritz (retail $10) or a soy candle (retail $15). I get 3 hours and 1 very small table to sell and mingle with potential Starlets products.  I trotted off to Target and shopped in their $1 isle for some display goodies (costing less than $10). Next I headed over to Fedex to laminate and mount flyers into mini tabletop easels. I brought along a small tablecloth from my linen closet and some raffles tickets. Next thing you know, voila- a mini vendor table. You have to be creative with very limited space. 

Here's the photo-

Feel free to post your own!


Next, I text the winner this message and always get an immediate reply...