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Mankind Clay Pomade

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Mankind Clay Pomade is a hemp based vegetarian product that you will fall in love with! Familiar with hair clay at all? Perhaps we can help.

- Our pomade is just tiny bit gritty, that's the clay base, and is a matte finish

- This product allows you to shape all day and holds your hair perfectly.

- You can use it to add volume if you want that sort of style.

- Use a tad more and comb it down for a sleek look.

- Your hair will be super soft after you wash this out.

Ingredients: Hemp Butter, Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, Cera Alba (Beeswax) and Lavender Oil.

Why choose us?

Our products are hand picked and selected for Performance and Aesthetics. We not only want you to look good but feel good as well. All our products are priced competitively. 

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